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Trends in home building and remodeling are constantly evolving with the times. Remodeling companies are receiving more and more requests to add an island to the existing footprint of a kitchen due to the restrictions a peninsula provides. For example, most kitchens with a peninsula are shaped like a ‘U’. This layout offers only one way out of the kitchen. Some kitchens contain an island and a peninsula which offers even less room for moving within the cooking area. In cases such as these, removing the peninsula and enlarging the island offers more movement, multiple ways to exit and the... View Article

Clean Off Your Metals!

July 24, 2017 Published by

Metals in the bathroom can add a glimmering touch unsurpassed by any other material. But how do you keep from rusting? Check out the below tips if you LOVE metals! Prevent Rust! If the surface of the metal gets scratched rust is sure to follow. This is due to oxidation of the alloy metals. If you get a scratch just take your clear nail polish and coat the scratched surface. The nail polish helps prevent oxygen from getting in to the alloy causing rust. What to do if your chrome gets rust. All you need to do is make a... View Article


As a result of countless home remodeling shows and online tutorials, many homeowners have the confidence and acquired wherewithal to complete daunting home renovation projects they would’ve never considered in years past. While this is a benefit to some homeowners, it can pose a challenge for others. Livingston (2017) states that, “just because you can do it yourself – or DIY, for short – doesn’t necessarily mean you should.” Jobs requiring a high level of skill and/or possible complications such as laying flooring, electrical or plumbing work should be vetted out to the professionals. Less complicated projects such as painting... View Article


Countless articles and studies have been published in recent years with regard to Millennials and how they are spending their money. Most of these published pieces infer that this particular generation is focusing a majority of their income on paying off personal student loan debt. But, a recent survey conducted by online lender LightStream concluded that more than half of homeowners (59%) and 69% of Millennials plan to focus their spending on home renovations within the current year. According to a recent article published by Consumer Affairs, Millennials are predicted to spend the most on renovations of any generation within... View Article

Using Metallic Tiles In Wet Areas

September 6, 2016 Published by

Metal tiles in a shower…. Is it safe? We see metals being used more and more often in luxurious shower designs. But, is metal safe and practical in a wet area like a shower? Lets clarify some things first: Some manufacturers allow (and warranty) their metallic tiles to be installed in wet areas. Typically, these tiles will be composed of stainless steel. Stainless steel can be highly resistant to oxidation as long as it is not mixed with another alloy (such as nickel). Check with your designer for a full explanation, and warranty information about your metallic products. Another factor... View Article