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You have finally decided to do the complete kitchen remodel you’ve always dreamed about.  Then it hits you – you’re going to be living in your home during this complete room remodel.  Your kitchen is the hub of the household, and you won’t have access to most of it for the duration of your kitchen remodel in Phoenix Arizona. How are you going to prepare meals during your kitchen remodel?  Eating out for every meal is not healthy, and then there’s the cost of restaurant food. But if you plan and prepare, you can survive, thrive and even have fun... View Article

What You Need to Know Before Choosing Cabinets and Counters for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project Are you storing pots and pans in your oven? Or keeping bread in the microwave? Or maybe there is a shelf in the garage that serves as a dry storage for your pantry.  How is your prep area? Can you clearly tell the difference between a large potato and a small sweet potato without moving to different lighting? Or maybe your prep area ends up competing with where you set the dirty dishes. These are all symptoms of kitchens that are not designed to work... View Article