What You Need to Know Before Choosing Cabinets and Counters for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Are you storing pots and pans in your oven? Or keeping bread in the microwave? Or maybe there is a shelf in the garage that serves as a dry storage for your pantry.  How is your prep area? Can you clearly tell the difference between a large potato and a small sweet potato without moving to different lighting? Or maybe your prep area ends up competing with where you set the dirty dishes.

These are all symptoms of kitchens that are not designed to work the way YOU work.

And if your kitchen is not working for you, that means you may be spending way too much money going out to eat, you may not see the family as much or you resist inviting others over or entertaining because of the inefficiencies of the kitchen.

Let’s walk through some kitchen remodeling questions:

Who Uses the kitchen the most?

Begin with the nuts and bolts. Identify who will be using your your new kitchen the most? You? It makes a difference more than you may might suspect. Perfect bureau statures, cabinet situation, and work process relies on the tallness and prevailing hand of the dinner preparer. As any left-handed individual who has battled with a right-handed can opener would let know, little subtleties have a major effect with to comfort and efficiency.

Other essential things to ask: how many individuals are in your family, how frequently do you search for goods, what sort of cooking do you do regularly, where do you normally eat, and what extra things do you do in the kitchen (homework, crafts, gatherings and, and so on.)?

What Do You Want to Accomplish with Your Kitchen Remodel?

From that point, you can get down to the quick and dirty. What do you hate about your kitchen? What are your real challenges when preparing dinner for your family or for guests? What do you require that you don’t have? What could live without if you needed to? How might you structure your kitchen if the sky was the limit (presently you can look through every one of those Pinterest photographs), and what compromises would you make to keep your kitchen remodel inside your desired budget? Scribble everything down. Ask your family what their needs in the kitchen are. You might have an aspiring chef, who is afraid cook as the kitchen just isn’t functional.

Think about which kitchen features are most import to you.


According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, you can expect the following break down for your budget.  

  • Cabinetry and Equipment – 34 percent
  • Establishment – 17 percent
  • Ventilation and machines 14 percent
  • Ledges and special features – 10 percent
  • Flooring – 7 percent
  • Lighting – 5 percent
  • Walls and roof – 5 percent
  • Faucets and pipes – 4 percent
  • Design expenses – 4 percent

Most home owners need to work inside a financial plan, so choosing what you will and won’t compromise, is a critical requirement when you first meet with your kitchen remodeling contractor. Fortunately, you currently have a rundown to work with, so you’ll have the capacity to organize your targets. Since almost 34% of your spending will go toward cupboards and equipment, this would be a decent place to begin.

Cabinet Decisions

All-new cabinetry will enable you to tailor your capacity ability to address your issues. Be that as it may, material decisions have a great influence the cost. Treated steel cupboards tend to be the most costly, while melamine (a plastic cover) often fit even the tightest budget. On the off chance that you have a strong motivation behind why you totally should have treated steel, for instance, you make a ton of flambés, and you need to have a combustibles free zone in your kitchen, most consumers opt for cabinetry that isn’t extravagantly priced.

On the off chance that you have some adaptability with your cupboard decisions, an almost interminable assortment of wooden models are available for kitchen remodeling projects. Wood species clearly have some impact on the expense of cupboards, yet not as much as their features. For instance, a cabinet that flaunts dovetail details may be around 20 percent costlier than one that supports a very clean style. Adding racks, having cupboards with glass fronts or internal organizing features could increase the cost. Finding the correct harmony among appearance and usefulness is the key for choosing cupboards you can both love and bear.

The Counters Make a Difference

Counter tops and ledges are the component that integrates everything. Simply take a gander at your present ledges. It is safe to say that they are recolored? Scraped? Scratched? Except if they’ve been fixed recently, over the years it is safe to say, most edges have a few dings and wear and tear on them. Be that as it may, circumstances change after some time. A quartz ledge is more costly than different alternatives, however it’s extraordinarily extreme, can withstand high warmth, and arrives in an assortment of examples and hues. Other well-known rebuilding decisions include:

Strong Granite Countertops

Almost as hard as quartz, rock counters arrive in an immense range of hues and veining. They’re on the top of the line with regards to cost, and they’ll intermittently require resealing to keep them recolor safe.

Lovely Soapstone Countertops

With its rich, profound, dull dim shading, soapstone is the absolute opposite of tasteless. An unequivocal eye-catcher, it additionally has a smooth, engaging surface you’ll cherish running your hand over. Little scratches can be sanded away, however you’ll have to rub it down with mineral oil routinely to shield it from drying out and breaking.

Reasonable Ceramic Tile Countertops

Tough, simple to clean, and modest, clay tiles can be introduced by an end of the week do-it-yourselfer. On the drawback, their surface can be uneven, the grout will in the long run stain, and tiles can be chipped or split.

Adaptable Concrete Countertops

The present designed cement is a long-ways from the dark sections that make up walkways and garages. Since solid ledges are poured nearby, they’re amazingly adjustable and can fit any possible shape. They can likewise be tinted and designed to supplement your dividers, deck, or cupboards. Solid ledge costs are in the mid to high range.

Customary Wood or Butcher Block Countertops

Wood makes a warm, welcoming search for your kitchen, perfect for cabin style homes or natural cottages. Wooden ledges are anything but difficult to clean and scratches can be sanded out, however since they’re moderately permeable, they’ll require normal resealing to shield them from stains and dampness harm. Wooden ledges are practically identical in expense to rock.

Is it safe to say that you are Comfortable With Your Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Plans?

If so, it is time to reach out to Rise Above Remodeling to make your design appointment.

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