2018 Design Trends

At Rise Above we make a point to keep up with the design trends expected to occur in the current year. Especially if you are considering selling your home, making sure you are cohesive with the current design trends for your kitchen and bath is incredibly important. In this blog we discuss the expected remodeling trends in 2018.

According to Grand Designs Magazine, the following nine items are going to set the trend in bathroom styling for this year:

  • Add color in the bathroom. Subtle hues are making a comeback. The past few years have seen more tone-on-tone effects, with pale wood and earth shades or contrasts using anthracite and grey or pale blues and greens, while vintage styles are still a key trend.  Color and texture can be introduced in a number of ways, from geometric tiles to colored shower panels, vanity tops and basins.
  • Install a free standing tub. Innovative designers have created options that work in small spaces. It’s possible to choose anything from a compact slipper bath to more luxurious rolltops.
  • Add wood finishes. The trend for natural materials has driven the popularity of wood veneers and wood furniture. Timber’s versatility has been another driving force, with pale planks creating a light, airy look, knotted and gnarled woods bringing a rustic feel and darker tones being used to add a shot of drama. Natural finishes are particularly useful in light and dark shades.
  • Install a wet room. Wet rooms and walk-in showers with wide glass panels and recessed wall profiles are a key look.  There is also an emphasis on unique glass effects that provide extra character and style.
  • Incorporate mosaic tiling. Rather than simple squares, glass formed into new shapes, such as chevrons and geometric styles, brings a shot of high-end luxury to a scheme.
  • Choose black and white. Edgy black and dark grey, used for accents, surfaces and focal-point pieces, are the perfect way to introduce moody tones without sacrificing light from a space.  Perhaps counter-intuitively, there is a coming trend for using dark colors on the walls and floor, which with good lighting can make a small room seem bigger.
  • Design with the idea that the bathroom is useable space, not just practical space. There has been a shift in the role of the bathroom from practical room to additional living area. Soft furnishings, storage that resembles furniture and chic lighting fixtures are now the norm alongside indulgent rainfall showers, recessed mirrors and open shelving.
  • Mix materials. Explore the use of mixed materials because they offer a wide opportunity for decoration, from flooring and cladding to furniture and lighting.  One fitting where this trend has been especially prevalent is taps, with handles made from crystal, etched glass, marble and even timber, as well as variations on gold and brass. The sink is a focal point with marble, metal and glass designs forming an eye-catching contrast for brassware in finishes such as brushed nickel, anthracite, and black and white.
  • Install Jack and Jill bathrooms. Twin features, such as his and her basins, double-ended baths and pairs of cabinets are a nod to the styling seen in boutique hotels, as well as being practical.  You want the most luxurious option for the room you have, hence the emergence of his and her showers.





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