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Organizing, to some people, can be a tedious task; while to others, it is a way of life. Once a room is organized the only daily task is maintenance. As long as everything used is put back in the place it originated, you could have an organized kitchen and ensure it remains that way!

The first question you need to ask when venturing into the world of organizing is, “what items do I use/access the most and which items are there for the purpose of a specific once-per-year use?” The items most commonly used, such as plates, bowls, serving utensils, cooking essentials (baster, whisks, cutting board(s), knives, etc. should be placed in an area in which accessibility is guaranteed. There are plenty of ideas in regard to organizing kitchen items on websites such as Real Simple, Pinterest, and DIY Network.

The first step is to set up a couple folding tables in or around your kitchen and empty out your cabinets/drawers. This will allow you to go in and wipe down the inside and outside of all cabinetry so you begin the process with a freshly cleaned kitchen.

Once all of the cabinets and drawers are emptied and cleaned you can then begin to group all of your kitchen items with alike items (i.e. baking items should all be together, mixing bowls stacked and placed together, serving dishes set together). Once everything has been grouped together you will then have the ability to judge how much cabinet/drawer space will be needed. This will also help you to decide on where to place each grouping based on accessibility.

As far as a pantry is concerned, places such as the Container Store and Target sell varying sizes of baskets, jars, plastic containers which make it easy to group food items and place them neatly into these containers for easy access and provide a nice, organized look.

As stated above, there are endless DIY hacks for organizing both large and small items in the kitchen and can be found simply through a Google search. Most sites/blogs offer both step-by-step instructions and pictures to accompany the directions to aid in your organizing efforts.


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