cultured marble and tile

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to tiling is – “Can you tile over cultured marble in the bathroom?” There are two sides to this question. Technically – it can be done but in practice it is avoided.

Covering the cultured marble walls is not a good idea. “Cultured marble” is an acrylic composite and so it will require an epoxy setting material after the surface has been roughed up with either a grinder or sandpaper. Epoxy is expensive but there aren’t any other settings materials that will give you a reliable bond over this plastic surface.

The cultured marble was probably stuck up with construction adhesive either to drywall or directly to the studs, and there is no way to know how well they are adhered.  The surface would need to be scarred up, and soap film, and waxes or polishes need to be removed. Also, most cultured products tend to warp and bend, and they’re not as stable.

The cultured marble could be cut out in a few hours, and Rise Above could most likely complete the transformation in less than a week.

In Conclusion:  Can you tile over cultured tile? Yes.  Should You? Most of the times – no.

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