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You have made the decision to remodel areas of your home.  Awesome! Unless you plan on staying in your home forever it is reasonable to wonder if what you are planning is in line with the market expectations for remodeling in the Phoenix area.  Also, what types (or rooms) of remodeling is the current trend.  What are buyers looking for when touring a home that has had remodel work completed. And last, but certainly not least, what are the costs involved with a remodel?   When Rise Above gives you an estimate we do everything in our power to stay in budget. This is not a common practice in our industry. Most contractors in Phoenix will provide you with a low bid to in order to get your business, but then hit you with over priced change orders once they are working in your home.

Our blog today is focused on Phoenix costs vs. value trends in remodeling bathrooms as reported by Remodeling Magazine.  This blog is an overview of remodel trends and costs, but for more in-depth information, please visit our Facebook page.

There is plenty of information on a national scale as to what to expect to pay for a remodel.  Most estimates are provided in a mid-range and upscale remodel.  Nationally in 2018 remodeling trends are expected to rise in mid-level and upscale improvements to bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, and room additions.  Please keep in mind these costs are averages, and will vary based on factors such as the age of your home.

A mid-range remodel of a bathroom for an existing 5×7-foot bathroom usually includes replacing all fixtures, toilet, sink, cabinets and flooring.  A mid-range bathroom remodel average cost nationwide is $18,149.

An upscale remodel of a bathroom consists of expanding an existing 35-square-foot bathroom to 100 sf within your existing house footprint. The remodel would include relocate all fixtures, a new frameless glass shower with specialized spray fixtures, a freestanding tub, stone countertops, and specialized lighting commode, and flooring.  An upscale bathroom remodel average cost is $ 59,876.

When deciding on a contractor, please keep Rise Above Remodeling in mind.  We pride ourselves in helping you keep the remodeling cost down while still increasing the value of your home. We use quality materials, but through our positive relationships with suppliers, we have negotiated great pricing that we pass along to you. We consistently go over and above to ensure the quality of workmanship is on par with our business culture and our customer expectations.

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