Generally, bathroom remodels cost less than kitchen remodels because they’re smaller and don’t have expensive appliances to replace. However, bathroom walls and floors are often covered with tile or stone, and plumbing fixtures such as toilets, tubs and sinks can be very costly to replace. Luxury shower heads and faucets can be another costly (but fantastic) addition to your bathroom.

Costs will also depend on the age of your house and your plumbing and electrical system. In an older home, you might find out about serious problems when you remove that old shower, for example.

Here’s a rough outline of what you can get at different price levels, but keep in mind that every home is different and has unique problems, and of course, prices change all the time. We’re basing our estimates here on master bathrooms:

What will $5,000-$7,000 buy?

At this spending level, you can find reasonably priced cabinets to order at a home-improvement store to replace what you have or you can refinish or reface your current cabinets. Sometimes you can find off-the-shelf cabinets that will work. You can also have a countertop contractor find a remnant in a granite or quartz “boneyard” that will fit those cabinets.

Because you are changing the countertops, you will have to change the sinks and faucets for the vanities. You can put in a tile surround and tile trim on your existing bathtub. Choosing these options will probably not leave money to replace the bathtub, install a new shower or redo the flooring. You can repaint, however, and you can buy new lighting fixtures.

What will $20,000 buy?
This level of spending will have a major impact on your master bathroom because it’s a little bit more than what Remodeling Magazine says is the $16,088 average cost of a midrange bath remodel in Phoenix. Not only that, but the Houzz Web site says the midrange in the Phoenix area is $15,900. So for $20,000, you can get new reasonably priced cabinets and countertops. Best of all, you can replace your old messy shower with a brand-new, porcelain-tiled shower with a low-curb stall and see-through glass door and side panels. You can probably put a tile-surround on your bathtub. New flooring might be unlikely. You won’t be able to move anything around much, either, as that would require moving plumbing lines and electric wiring — processes that are always more expensive.

What will $50,000 or more buy?

At this price level, you can make changes in the layout and the plumbing and electricity. Many homeowners want to remove the tub in the master bath, for example, to help create a new giant-size shower or just a more spacious and modern master bathroom. Another change might include building a separate cubicle for the toilet. If there is still a tub in the plans, it is generally a standalone tub. Your new shower may include a bench and ample niches for your shampoos and beauty products.

At this price level, the bathroom is often gutted and the cabinets are rearranged and expanded. All the fixtures are replaced including toilet, vanities, sinks and faucets. New cabinets are solid-wood construction and tile can be marble, travertine or granite. New cabinets may be built to fit particular areas of the bathroom and to provide more storage for towels and sheets as well as personal-care appliances like electric toothbrushes and hair dryers.

What will $100,000 or more buy?

This is probably a situation where you remove everything now in the bathroom and replace it all. You might move the shower, tub and toilet to new locations. You’re definitely going to install high-end features like floor-to-ceiling cabinets, showers built for two instead of one, and a free-standing tub that looks like a work of art. The tile you use may be marble, limestone, travertine or granite. You might install a fireplace or a big-screen TV. Maybe you can include the master closet in your plans as well. All those luxury selections could make it hard to stay under a $100,000 budget.

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