Granite Vs Quartz Counter Tops

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When remodeling, the decision to choose granite or quartz counter tops will definitely cross your mind. Although both are appealing to the eye, they also have benefits and drawbacks. Both do require professional installation, being that they are very heavy and require precise tooling to fabricate. Using a neighborhood handy-man will not benefit you at all in this process. We recommend that you should think of this as an investment and something that should be taken seriously. Weighing out the pros and cons is an intelligent decision prior to adding one of these potentially expensive options to the place you spend the majority of your time.

Education of both materials is vital. Below, you will find helpful information that will allow you to make an educated decision on choosing a lifelong focal points to your home.

Let us begin with some background on Granite. Granite countertops are extracted naturally from the earth in the form of giant chunks of stone. From there, they are cut and polished into (usually) 60ft slabs into the rectangular shape of a typical countertop. The sizes of slabs do vary, so ask your design consultant what size slab is right for your home and your design. There is a large variety of the types and levels of granites available with different patterns and colors.  Since granite is derived straight from Mother-Nature, we do have to advise that the natural colors and veining in granite will never be uniform. Also, presume even granite with the same name will differ from one slab to another.

Although granite is very durable, in comparison with quartz granite countertops are more susceptible to scratching and damages from heat. Granite countertops are extremely durable, but should not be considered indestructible. This natural rock can break or chip if exposed to mishandling.  Granite is also a porous material. If anything is spilled on granite, it will be absorbed – so refrain from wine spills, as this will be difficult to revert back to its original state. Thus, you should seal granite counter-tops every six months to a year to keep its natural beauty. We describe granite here, at Rise Above as, “a work of art”- so expect nothing less.

Regarding your other countertop option, quartz, there are a few things you should have background knowledge on prior to your purchase. Quartz countertops are comprised of about 90% quartz and a 10% mix of epoxy binder as well as acrylic. It is also a professionally installed material that is heavier than granite! If you seek a more uniform look, quartz is something you should consider, being that this is a man-made material – your color options are only limited to what is available in the market! Quartz is just as strong but it has an added benefit over granite; it is more flexible. This makes the installation process more simple for the contractor. Quartz countertops are heat, scratch, and stain resistant and require very little maintenance.

With a quartz countertop you can also expect to see seams, but they will be less visible, especially if you choose a slab lighter in color. These seams are easier to hide because the counter has been synthetically colored. Although durable, quartz is not considered indestructible either. Unlike granite, quartz is non-porous and never requires sealing. With that being said, quartz virtually has no maintenance when referring to countertops.  Another great feature of quartz counter tops is that they are stain resistant! The occasional wine spill would only require a quick cleanup. A disadvantage to quartz is that they can discolor over time when exposed to the UV rays of direct sunlight. Is the sunlight on your countertop?  The placement in which your countertop is laid out should help your decision as well.

Which countertop will go better with your home and lifestyle? Be sure to let us know what you think!


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