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We know you have many choices when choosing a company for your work. Rise Above is licensed, bonded, and insured with a proven track record of successfully completing projects on time and within budget. Our trade workers are clean, talented, and respectful of your home.


But, WHY should you choose to work with us? The answer is simple. We are a family owned and operated company that believes in treating our customer with the respect they deserve, and making their dreams a cost efficient reality. When you choose Rise Above you can feel comfortable knowing that your remodeling expert is on YOUR side. No remodeling company can say that everything will go perfectly according to plan, but Rise Above can promise that we will always be honest and communicative with you during each step of the process. We are here to help build dreams with quality you can trust.

Before you begin any home remodeling project, you need a plan.  The first step is to determine your ultimate goal. What do you want the space to look/ feel like? How do you want it to function? Do you want more or less space? Having a better idea of how you want your finished product to look and feel will help make necessary decisions about factors such as design, materials and budget much easier. We suggest you go to sites like Houzz, Pinterest, and look at Home Magazines to get a better idea of what style you would like to go with, and color options to discuss with your designer.

Make a list of everything you’d like to have done and divide the items on that list into 3 categories:

  1. Must-have items
  2. Would-like-to-have items
  3. Dream items

** For bathroom remodels check out this Bathroom Goals Worksheet as a starting point**

Do your research. There are plenty of great tools online to give you an idea of how much your project should cost. Check out Houzz Remodeling Costs online to get a better idea of how much to expect to spend on your remodel project

At the time of estimate be prepared to give Rise Above estimators an idea of budget, and your list of must haves, would like to have, and dream items.  It is our goal to create your dream space within budget. A project cost is determined by both the scope of work (what is being done in detail), and the collection of products that will be installed. Once the design is complete we will walk through every aspect of the project with you in our showroom. During this consultation we will offer money saving options to help reduce costs. We want you to feel comfortable and excited about your remodeling project, not stressed about breaking your bank!

If you feel Rise Above can best help with your remodeling project we will discuss a potential start date. It is important to know if you have vacations or events coming up that could interrupt the flow of the project. Your project manager will verify the start dates as we get confirmation for the material ETA’s.

Your dream space is on its way! If there is anything else Rise Above can help with we are here for you. We love feedback and referrals so please keep a watchful eye on the quality of work, timeliness and consistency throughout the project.

Cost Vs. Value

How much can you really expect to get out of your remodeling project if you look at selling?

“People buying a house look first at kitchens and baths,” Kermit Baker director of the remodeling futures program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University. So while these rooms can be the most costly to redo, they’re more likely to pay for themselves. Adding rooms, such as a family room or master suite, also tends to fare well at resale time. Below is an list of average job costs and cost recouped at re-sale.

Materials Cost Vs Value

Basic construction materials collage with concrete mixer in center

Materials range in quality and pricing. Just because the material we suggest is lower pricing does not mean it is lower quality. In turn, just some materials are worth paying a little extra for.


“If you take $20,000 and spend it judiciously on a kitchen, you can make it look a million times better,” says Remodeling senior editor Jim Cory, who supervises the survey. “The design and product selection are key.”


Some of our customers believe that a high price tag guarantees the best products, but that’s not always true. For example, we do not recommend using marble in the foyer. Instead, use tile that closely simulates marble and is not only more durable but is a quarter the price. The same thing goes for marble counter tops. Marble is naturally very soft and is more likely to chip or crack. Quartz is more expensive than marble or granite, but the material is anti-microbial, requires less maintenance, and is more “life resistant” than natural stone. The situation is similar for brand-name items. For instance, you can almost always replace fancy brand-name plumbing fixtures with economical substitutes that perform as well for much less. For building products that are essentially commodities, like insulation and framing lumber, it always pays to shop around for the best price. In remodeling, as in most things in life, it is important to know the quality of the material rather than look at the price. The best advice we can give is to do some research and ask a Rise Above professional for what they recommend. Remember, we are here to help you make the choice that will fit best for budget, style, and life activities.


Why does my remodel cost more than what I see on HGTV?


We have all seen the formula on the HGTV shows play out over and over again. An owner has a long list of must-haves (which can quickly add up) and a very tight budget. Yet, somehow, the remodeling team is able to deliver the home of their dreams. Before you dial up any remodeling expert requesting prices that aren’t realistic for the scope of work you want done or your location, know that the project budgets you see on TV are just that — made for TV. Networks often partner with advertisers that provide free materials, and some contractors that appear on these shows will work at discounted rates in exchange for the free publicity. The costs of the free products or discounted labor are NOT included in the price given for the project. Remember reality TV is NOT reality.

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